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Basic Usage

usage: [-h] [--reffile REFFILE] [-a ASSIGNMENTS] [-t TOLERANCE]
               [-s {Joint,JointNew,CplexILP,ILP,Single}] [-v]
               resfile seqfile

positional arguments:
  resfile               Path to list of pseudo-residues in ASCII format.
  seqfile               Path to sequence file in FASTA format.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --reffile REFFILE     Path to BMRB reference shifts in ASCII format.
                        Number of assignments to be computed (default: 100).
  -t TOLERANCE, --tolerance TOLERANCE
                        Linking Tolerance in ppm (default: 0.6).
  -s {Joint,JointNew,CplexILP,ILP,Single}, --strategy {Joint,JointNew,CplexILP,ILP,Single}
                        Assignment strategy (default: CplexILP).
  -v, --verbose         Turn on verbosity option.

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